Friday, 20 September 2013

2015 Suzuki compact SUV Reviews And Specification

2015 Suzuki compact SUV, was presented at this year’s  Motor Show, and awoke great interest. Is it because of the deliberate lack of basic information or for any other reason, Suzuki iv-4 Concept is literally fragmented, the four part of world, their boredom, only eye visible characteristics. In fact, one thing is for sure, 2015 Suzuki iv-4 compact SUV will be built in Hungary, and the final product will be available in mid-2015 in Europe.

History compact SUV, the Suzuki Company, was conceived way back in 1970. year. With LJ line model, Suzuki is then supposed to oppose, vehicles with huge engines, as opposed to its lightweight body, but excellent off-road performance. ’80th  years presented SJ Line Suzuki compact SUV, and, in 1988, has entered the scene Suzuki Vitara. It’s an SUV with the first base in the form of a ladder, construction were typical, straight lines, and the design of the vehicle was in the European style. Taking the best of the LJ and SJ series, Suzuki 1998 and marketed Jimny model. And today is extremely popular, the most among the fairer sex, the redesigned platform, Jimny was the first vehicle to incorporating an air hub locking. 2005. the Grand Vitara, improved and modern-looking, equipped with powered, four-wheel drive, led Suzuki off city streets, its fantastic off-road performance.

Then followed crossover SUVs such as the Suzuki SX4 and SX4 S-Cross, which are more or less rounded picture of Suzuki company in the field of SUV cars. Based on the 45 year history of production of SUVs, we can certainly expect 2015 Suzuki iv-4 compact SUV would be the best of all so far, and as far as the platform on which will be found, as well as its capabilities. Under the slogan “Grab your field,” Suzuki iv-4, its name hiding more things. i- means individuality, v-means vehicle, and 4 – 4 wheel drive. The concept model is a combination of the design of off-road vehicles and the typical urban SUV. Basic features exterior Suzuki SUV are straight, sleek lines, illuminated five-slotted grille, fog lights with insert sensors on the roof of the vehicle, large-diameter tires (235/55R20), clam shell hood, distinctive character lines on the sides and Brilliant Turquoise Metallic color which evokes the sky reflection in a skyscraper. Individuality means that every customer will be able to personalize their vehicle to their liking, starting from the exterior components, colors and textures.

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