Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ferrari F150 Wallpapers & Review

fast car Ferrari is an Italian sport and luxury cars manufacturer company. Company sports cars are the symbol of luxury and wealth. It is participated in racing history from its start to still especially it is famous for its formula one racing cars. It has many models of Formula One same that Ferrari 312T2, Scudded Ferrari, 312PB etc .I know here you are thinking that at least what the “Formula One” is so I tell you first about the “Formula One”. It is a Formula that is use for especially for fast sports cars. That are made by on this formula nearly are one seated, mid-engine, wheel and are very light weighted. Same that here we present a one most superb Formula One for you. Its name is Ferrari 150.It is a fast and superb racing car. It is a Formula One racing car.

 It is presented in the 2013 with its very low weight only 640kg including its engine, water and its is a single seat, open wheel and mid engine. Its engine is 2.4 liter V8 with the Shell V-Power fuel and its totally weight is less than or nearly exterior is available in major two contrast red and black.

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