Thursday, 5 September 2013

Dodge Viper The Best Car Designs & Wallpaper

It is a two door , two seated and v10 powered sport car. It is manufactured by Chrysler corporation and appeared in has a long bonnet and front mid engine car. The tail part of this car is so small. The exterior of the Dodge Viper is made with luxury aluminum that is covered with beautiful paint colors. It has many elegant colors variety in the car same as blue, advance red, fresh red, yellow, shadow blue, shinning black and pearl white. It light are made with unique and crystal plastic that give you more lighted way for watching and its wheel’s and wheel’s plate design are too different you can choose them about your wish. Its doors have no handles with them for the opening purpose.

It is made like that style that it has totally interior system .these are some information about its exterior let’s some talk about its interior system. Its seats are made with pure leather and are very comfortable and racing. The color of leather and its stitching is totally matched with the color of steering wheel, audio player, seat belt and some other parts of its interior. It has many unique design in its variety and there are many generation of Dodge Viper car. It’s designed were changed with different generation like that when it was appeared it was its first generation after that it has four times changing in its design and every time of its changing is called its generation. It has its different models in those models here we shall talk about some.

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