Friday, 20 September 2013

Acura car TL presented in 2014 Pictures And Specification

Acura car, presented in 2014 Acura TL vehicles at this year’s International Auto Show in New York. Since 1995, when the company replaced the name Acura Vigor, Acura TL new name, the car began to attract more attention globally.This luxury sedan, marvelous appearance, each impression in history of existence, accustomed customers and fans, we always can expect better than the last.

He was awarded the “Best Sports Sedan” and “Best Blend of Sport and Luxury”, 2006, the company Acura has not stopped the process of improving and upgrading the vehicle. Acura TL is characterized by unique features and functions, who by now have become attractions.2014 Acura TL is a five-seating , which will be available in a number of exterior colors. What this car a distinct look and makes it very attractive, they are LED lights, which are  also called JEWEL EYES.

Although the 2014 Acura TL features, good fuel efficiency, dynamic performance, advanced ride and spacious, innovative technologies and driver assistance facilities, Acura’s team has decided to introduce the  Acura TL Special Edition, in order to maintain the current position in the market , that is  so saturated and the competition is extremely high.

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