Thursday, 12 September 2013

Honda S2000 Car Photo & Reviews

The Honda S2000 continues on in the tradition of the Honda lightweight roadster vehicles, including the S500, the S600, and the S800. In the United States of America, the starting price for the Honda S2000 is at  making it one of the most expensive Honda vehicles on the market today in the United States of America and Canada.Just like its predecessors, the Honda S2000 features a front mid Configuration, rear wheel drive layout. Its power is delivered from a Torses limited slip differential mated to a six speed manual transmission.The construction of the Honda S2000 is based on an X bone monocotyledon frame that is incredibly rigid. This is said to help improve handling as well as passenger safety. Other features on the Honda S2000 include electrically assisted steering, independent double wishbone suspension, and integrated roll hoops.
The Honda S2000 comes with an electrically  powered cloth top. An OM hardtop model is also available as an option for interested clients.

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